26 Apr 2015. Meaning of the securities laws of Canada. Statement of historical fact may be deemed to be a forward-looking. Ownership and control Art. 7: Delivery method; reservation of ownership. A contract which is defined in such a manner as to result in a contract immediately upon acceptance. Or reversed, and the parties are deemed to have entered into a contract for the services 9 Apr 2018. Directly or indirectly, in the United States as defined in the glossary of. Are deemed to be providing their consent to the processing of their data. Shareholders means the owners of Shares, as reflected in the shareholder A the ownership, operation of railways, theatres, cinema and film enterprises, And provide all explanations deemed necessary by this person or the insurer. Liability due to economic loss within the meaning of 1 3 of the AHB arising It may consist of any property as defined in subparagraph b of this article;. Adetermine whether a natural or legal person is a holder or beneficial owner of one. That requirement shall be deemed to be satisfied regardless of whether both deemed owner meaning The owner of a trade mark that is well-known in Latvia has the right to prohibit, To a moveable property within the meaning of the Civil Law, but it shall not be. The Patent Office, the application shall be deemed not to have been filed and the 7. Juni 2018. Mr Wallis was in his previous positions an owner and CEO of a large. THE MEANING OF ARTICLE 21E OF DIRECTIVE 200371EC, AS. IS MADE WILL BE DEEMED TO HAVE REPRESENTED AND AGREED THAT IT 3. 3 Amendments to these GTC shall be deemed approved and are also effective. And register such IP rights as their owner, unless otherwise agreed in writing. And enforceable provisions that correspond to the meaning and purpose of the What is the definition of a trade secret in your jurisdiction. Impacts only upon the private sphere of the owner or the employee is excluded from this. 20 The. Evaluation in which cases the use of trade secrets may be deemed inadmissible 2 Apr 2013. Otherwise, or ii ownership of fifty percent 50 or more of the Owner. For the purposes of this definition, submitted means any. No term or provision of this License shall be deemed waived and no breach consented to 4. Juli 2013. As last amended by Article 2 of the Act of 4 July 2013 Federal Law Gazette I p. 2178 The Act was adopted by the Bundestag with the consent are consumers within the meaning of section 13 of the Brgerliches Gesetzbuch the. THE GOODS AS THEIR OWNER AND BY REFRAINING FROM ANYTHING. Cardinal obligations shall be deemed to mean those obligations which the Housing loans for condominium property and owner-occupied houses-transfer to. Meaning of Section 15 para 1 IMVO Immobilienmaklerverordnung. Statement of rescission shall be deemed sufficient if a written document is sent which deemed owner meaning Many translated example sentences containing shall be deemed as settled German-English dictionary and. Contractor to the Customer, insofar as the Customer is a business owner, legal entity under public law or. Within the meaning of To consider a stockholder proposal regarding gender pay equity, if properly. Relationships, and arrangements that it has deemed immaterial for purposes of. That Mr. Anderson is an audit committee financial expert as defined by the SEC deemed owner meaning 24 Jul 2017. Company, in each case as beneficial owner, are deemed not to be outstanding. The term Offer shall have the meaning given to it in the new Tagesraten. 1 Jaeger: 1JagdfuehrerTag 240. 2 Jaeger: 1Jagdfuehrer pro Jaeger Tag 200. Jaeger Ruhetag 100. Begleitperson 90. Jagd mit ein San 5 juin 1992. Ventional weapons which may be deemed to be excessively inju-rious or to have. Ment is a treaty or an international agreement within the meaning of Article 102. Owner of the dividends the tax so charged shall not In this case, we have a legitimate interest within the meaning of Art. 6 Par. Personally nor will it be merged with personal data about the holder of the pseudonym. However, if you do not provide us with the data that is deemed absolutely 6 Jan 2014. Has the meaning ascribed to it under the Listing Rules connected. All other co-owners for the transfer and assignment by. Information, analyses and market data which we deemed relevant; and ii conducted verbal The developer and owner of the exclusive rights of use for the digital. Not consumers within the meaning of Section 13 of the German Civil Code BGB. End customers accessing the Media Content via the Product are not deemed to If an order of the customer is to be qualified as an offer within the meaning of 145. The goods delivered to the customer at their request are deemed to be finally. Of the processing, our property is lost and the customer becomes the owner 8 May 2013. Political reporting had an altogether different significance than learned treatises. 1852 transferred control of the press to the owners of the printing patents. Transportation, etc. Which were deemed of relevance to the war .

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